Recstacy 2017, Day 2

IMG_20170415_210207.jpgMaybe it was a usual Saturday evening for the rest of the world, but for the students of NIT DURGAPUR , it was much more than that.

Surprise? yes.

Because this is the time when amidst of exam pressure, we, the students of NIT Durgapur come together to unleash the ecstasy, this is the time for Recstacy 2017, the annual cultural fest of NIT Durgapur.

Unlike every Year it was an amazing experience indeed. This year on day 2 we got “LIVING THEORY“, a tribute to ‘LINKIN PARK” and the young and gorgeous Sherley Shetia among us.

“In The End”, “Numb”, “Castle of Glass” – each and every song was amazing. I personally liked “Numb” the most, they just nailed it.

Coming to Sherley Shetia, each and everyone was eagerly waiting to see her and it will not be an exaggeration to say that she rocked.

Starting from “Closer” to “Main rahoon ya na rahu“, all the songs were amazing.

It was an amazing night.

Thank you “Living theory” and Sherley Shetia, for gifting us such a wonderful night, for adding this day to the bucket of amazing memories of our four years college life.